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Penny is one of our female goldens. She's a WONDERFUL mother! Calm temperament and loves to play. She is AKC registered.
Penny is medium colored. 


Our Golden Retriever female


Our Golden Retriever female

Tennessee is a shorter built golden. She loves to play! Some of her favorite things to do are play fetch and wrestle. She also likes to play hide & seek (she does the seeking) with our kitty. She is very dark and AKC registered. 



Our Golden Retriever female

Indiana is small built. She's got the energy of a puppy but the smarts of an older girl! Learns new tricks & commands very fast. She would be great in the show ring because she is always wanting to please & has her eyes and ears on us at all times waiting for the next command. She walks beside me perfectly since she was a pup!

Indie is AKC registered.  



Our Golden Retriever male

Shadow is our male golden. He's a hoot! Always ready to play with anyone. I would say he's more on the bigger built side. He is AKC registered as well. Shadow is two-toned. He's medium-light colored on top and light colored on bottom.

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